Grilled fish with Swiss chard

Grilled fish with Swiss chard

Grilled fish served with Swiss chard and potatoes is a simple meal which without exception connects our coast and islands, with summer holidays, the happy company which drinks the local wine in numerous taverns and the real Mediterranean diet.


Fish prepared in this way are placed on a grill and cooked on an open fire so as to take on the tasty aroma of the smoke. White fish such as gilthead bream, sea bass, common dentex or common two-banded sea bream are the best for the grill, however, blue fish such sardines and tuna will also be just as tasty.


The freshly caught fish should be cleaned, washed and dried, and instead of the classic cutting of the innards, fish for the grill are cleaned through the gills so that they remain whole. Before cooking the fish are not salted but can be marinated with a combination of olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar, capers, dry white wine, sage, rosemary, onion, garlic and similar seasonings. After an hour or two of marinating the fish should be dried before being placed on the grill. Before cooking the fish can be additionally filled with seasonings such as fresh rosemary, thyme, sliced onions or garlic and orange or lemon peel so that they remain juicy inside and soak up the smells and flavours of the mentioned seasoning. Interesting combinations of fillings have allowed fishermen to create various aromas for the often simple fish, and the open fire gives the meat a light smoky flavour.


Before use the grill should be oiled and briefly heated, after which the fish are placed on it and then everything together is placed over the fire. The best fire is created by burning charcoal, and when cooking more delicate fish, the fire is additionally sprinkled with ashes so that it is not too strong.


When the fish has been cooked it is salted and peppered as desired and a mixture of olive oil, chopped garlic and parsley leaves is poured over it. This way of preparing fish is not demanding, and the result is a tasty and healthy dish which will delight all lovers of seafood.


This kind of cooked fish is served with Swiss chard and potatoes, a popular side dish of numerous Dalmatian meals. Large sliced potatoes are cooked in about ten minutes in the centre of the hot fire and then sliced Swiss chard is added to them. When the vegetables soften they should be drained and seasoned with salt, oil and garlic and returned to the pot and heated on a low heat for a few minutes.


The fish and Swiss chard create a harmony of flavours and give special charm to enjoying the summer days on the coast.