Lika - Karlovac

Into the wild

With its rivers, springs, mountains, woods and untouched forests, and not to mention lakes, pools, gorges and caves, the

inland region of Lika-Karlovac has  Croatia’s highest concentration of national and natural parks. 

The most iconic of all is Plitvice Lakes National Park, that captivates visitors  with its wild beauty, 16 shimmering lakes and 129

bird species, placing it firmly  on the must see list for any nature enthusiast.

Nature at its finest

Come and live an essential journey back to the roots and through

the wonders of nature Croatia has to offer.

Where to go

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Plitvice Lakes

This National Park has found its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, blessed as it is with the special natural beauty of a string of lakes and waterfalls. The opportunity to experience a unique moment in these natural galleries should not be missed.

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The uniqueness of karstic forms, landscapes and the living world are the reasons why UNESCO issued a Declaration that the entire Velebit Nature Park is a world biosphere reservation.

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Krasno and National park North Velebit

Krasno is the larges settlement on Velebit located 714 m above the sea level. North Velebit was declared a national park because of its various karst phenomena, rich wildlife and exceptional natural beauties on a relatively small area.

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Lun – Olive groves leave you breathless

The Lun area has about 80,000 olive trees, and the ones that stand out in particular are the 1500 trees of ‘Oblica’ sort. It is believed that some of the wild old olive trees in Lun are more than a thousand years old.

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Medieval town of Ogulin

The town of Ogulin is located in an area teeming with legends and folk traditions that developed amid a strikingly beautiful natural and historically challenging environment.

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Nehaj Fortress

The fortress represents a unique and exceptional example of fortification architecture from the transition from the middle ages to the Renaissance.

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The ancient town of Ozalj, built on a gorge overlooking the river Kupa where it transforms from a flat to a hilly course, is nestled between forested hills and emerald river.

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Rastoke – Millers’ Village

The village of Rastoke grew out of the harmonious marriage of man and nature that reaches back over 300 years.

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Zrće Beach

Zrće beach, located to the southeast of Novalja, is a special story, it is the most beautiful and most attractive of Novalja’s beaches. Its coastal part is a spacious pebbly area which at the height of the season can accommodate many thousands of bathers.

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“Nikola Tesla” Memorial Centre, Smiljan

Nikola Tesla, scientist and inventor in the field of electricity, was born and spent his youth there. The modern museum, housed in his birthplace, and the nearby theme park preserve the memories of Tesla’s scientific path.