City of Zagreb

An Old City with a Young Soul

The Croatian capital Zagreb is young and playful at heart, despite the almost thousand year-old history of its old town. By day,

the city beats to the pulse of its thriving businesses, letting its hair down come sunset. And despite being a thoroughly

modern metropolis, the locals welcome visitors with traditional Croatian hospitality.


Come and visit Croatia’s political, commercial and cultural heart! Zagreb’s old town is a true feast for your senses, where you

can sample some of the country’s most renowned restaurants and coffee shops in the midst of classic façades, lush gardens

and striking Neo-Gothic buildings.

Tasting menu

The secret recipe for a gastronomic holiday that is guaranteed to stimulate your senses.

Where to go

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Zagreb has always been Croatia's true cultural metropolis. With places of interest such as the Croatian National Theatre...

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Bundek lake

Bundek lake

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Church of St. Mark

It was built in the 18th century on a Roman basis and completed as a hall church. The south portal is the most expressive gothic sculptural creation in this part of Europe.

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The market place is a colorful spot and a convincing proof that Zagreb and Croatia eat natural, fresh and tasty food. 

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Charming restaurants and coffee houses (Tkalčićeva street).

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Lotrščak Tower

Every day, for over hundred and ten years, the cannon fires from the top of tower Lotrščak exactly at noon in memory of an event from Zagreb history.

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Maksimir Park, an oasis of peace

Today Maksimir park is an ideal place, five minutes from downtown, where you can at least for a moment remove yourself from city noise and enjoy your break and recreation.

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Gornji grad (uptown) and Donji grad (downtown),

Zagreb Cathedral and

St.Mark's church

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The ancient Medvedgrad

The ancient Medvedgrad, a medieval fort built in the 13th is a special attraction on Medvednica.