Tasting menu

There’s an alternative way to discover a new

country and the character of its people:

through sampling the national cuisine!

Discover the perfect recipe for a trip to

Croatia, where you will experience the

marvels of a cuisine characterised by

Mediterranean flavours and the fruits of its

olive trees and vineyards. 

The first ingredient in our recipe hails

from Kvarner Bay

Shrimps from Kvarner are the Adriatic's biggest and most delicious, and probably the region's best-known

speciality. The island of Cres is also renowned for its tender and juicy lamb, and what could be more pleasurable

than sharing a platter with your travelling companions?


And let’s not forget another

essential ingredient

in our recipe: some of Croatia’s best wines produced in Slavonia! This historic region reaps

the fruits of its unique characteristics beneficial to the cultivating of vines and winemaking, producing white

wines such as Graševina, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Gris and Zelenac. You can taste any of the most famous

white varieties on a trip to wineries in Srijem, Đakovo, Kutjevo or Ilok, and find your own favourite! 


Another traditional

Mediterranean ingredient

 will also play a starring role during your trip, as you spend time exploring the ancient olive oil routes of Istria.

Friendly local oil-producing families will kindly invite you to dip some fresh bread into some of the most select

olive oils in the world, such as the Buža, Karbonaca and Oblica varieties, sampling the oils’ bitter and

spicy notes. And to complete your experience, don't forget to try the local truffles, one of the

gastronomical pearls of the region of Istria. 

Goran Ergović

Some serious skill and fine-honed practice will be needed in order to help you source the trip’s final ingredient. The

Dalmatian coast is a top destination for sport-fishing enthusiasts, both in fresh and salt water. Whether it's sea bass, gilt-

head bream, tuna or trout you’re after, select your target and get fishing!

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