Life refills

Sometimes we need to listen to our body and

take a break from our daily routine. Take care

of yourself, relax, give yourself a treat, let

everything go… and indulge yourself on a trip

to refill your energy and overcome any

challenge back home.


your body and soul

Relax in a fancy spa by the seashore, in a hundred-year-old thermal bath in the heart of the city or in any

of the more than 80 wellness centers that are waiting for you across the country. 

Treat yourself to the getaway of a lifetime.  

Get to know yourself


in the endless and quiet beaches of the Kornati Islands. Stand alone before the spectacular moonscape of

this national park. Feel calm and peaceful, let nature surround you and the sea wash away your worries.


Ivo Biočina

Stunning landscapes that will hold your gaze are also ideal for playing golf.

On the Brijuni Islands you can practice your swing in an amazing national park. This archipelago has the ideal climate for a day of golf and a natural, breathtaking beauty ideal for clearing your mind and finding your inner balance. 

A celebration goes perfectly with a fantastic meal and a glass of wine in your hand

After a peaceful and relaxing day, it is time to celebrate. Enjoy the local cuisine, explore the multiple choices of

exquisite wine tours and taste the charm of wonderful festivals.  

Gastronomy Regions