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The irresistible charm of Croatian towns and cities will wake up that feeling that in Croatia time flows more slowly. You will discover the beautiful nature, cultural heritage and the most delicious cuisine in which seasonal and fresh ingredients prevail, that are masterly prepared in restaurants and taverns, from the most modern to the traditional variants.


Explore the majestic nature of the Velebit mountain and Lika, relax in Zagreb, one of the most charming capital cities, discover the secrets of the picturesque castles of Hrvatsko Zagorje, visit the vast plains of Slavonia, and enjoy the excellent wine and food offer in the east of Croatia.

National parks, nature parks, and untouched nature simply call out for adventure. Walking, hiking, biking trails, horse riding, river rapids riding, adrenalin sports, etc., are a perfect occasion for a stay in the open air, tasting local specialities, exploring different environments, and meeting the local population.

More than a thousand islands, pebbly, sandy and rocky beaches, hidden coves, a view of the open sea, they were made for a meditative holiday, boat or yacht sailing.


You will feel the atmosphere of Mediterranean cities, the vibrancy of their stone streets and squares that look like scenes from movies. You will discover a story of rich history, you will visit the legendary fortresses, the sacred heritage, museums, galleries, monuments that are part of UNESCO world heritage, etc.


A drop or two of olive oil, two or three grains of salt, a glass of good wine, open and friendly people – it is the story of a casual lifestyle on the Croatian coast and islands, enjoyed by the locals and their guests.


Here you will find unique luxury hotels where the holiday takes on a whole new dimension. Cutting-edge architecture, unique gourmet experiences, personalized service, the sophisticated wellness and spa treatments are designed just for you, a yacht ride, limousine, plane, organised excursions to the most amazing destinations – anything is possible! Hotels located in city palaces, on the cliffs above the sea or in the olive groves will provide you with privacy and an authentic experience. Each of them has its own story, and you're in it playing a lead role.


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