You will find happiness on the island of Rab

You will find happiness on the island of Rab

The island of Rab is one of the seven jewels of the Gulf of Kvarner and a must-visit nautical destination for boaters traversing the northern Adriatic. Felix Arba (happy island) is the appellation given to Rab by the Romans, most likely because of its abundant natural resources and a high degree of development. “Happy” remains an apt epithet for this enchanting island, given that there are several ways to find happiness due to the diverse climate.


The island and the town of Rab in particular are a genuine treasure trove of “archaeological trophies”, and while numerous legends teleport the visitors to a tumultuous time in the island’s history, the hospitable locals make the customs and tradition a part of the tourism offering, with the Rab Fair (Rapska Fjera) and the Rab Knight Games as the most attractive highlights and more than enough reason for boaters to change their usual route.


From a culinary perspective, Rab will easily satisfy even the most fastidious gourmands, especially if they visit the island during the days of asparagus, lamb or indigenous products or the Kanata festival, which caps off the tourist season. The array of events and colourful legends make up just a portion of the island’s offering, seeing that sailing around Rab will undoubtedly enrich your visit with a gamut of experiences.


This island pearl of the northern Adriatic shows several completely different faces, since the east coast facing the bora wind is inaccessible and bereft of vegetation, while the Barbat Channel on the opposite side creates a completely different, lake ambience for the visitors. However, the channel is not exactly the most attractive destination on the island due to heavy traffic and the dark-tinted sea, unlike the nearby town of Rab and St. Euphemia’s Cove.

Ivo Biočina

The medieval town of Rab, with its four bell-towers standing tall, bears an uncanny resemblance to a large sailboat, which boaters invariably visit.

From the fine sand to the stony shores

The best place to find mooring is in the Rab ACI marina, which is open during the season, after which you can embark on exploring the town’s historic centre, the centennial Komrčar Park and the nearby St. Euphemia’s Cove, which provides boaters with the most beautiful view of the town as well as shelter from all the winds.


Located west of the town of Rab is the indented Kalifront Peninsula, whose picturesque coves end in turquoise pebble beaches. 

The entire peninsula is covered in lush vegetation, with a holly oak forest overlooking the coast alongside pine trees as a reminder to the visitors that this is Rab and not some island in the southern Dalmatia.

With its seven coves of various sizes, Kalifront is reminiscent of a green emerald necklace adorned with pearls neatly stringed together, which makes it difficult to decide where to lower your anchor.


However, it should also be noted that these coves do not provide shelter from south winds, yet can keep boaters at ease during winds from the first and fourth quadrants. Gožinka Cove is bedecked with about 20 small houses and a family-run tavern, while the uninhabited Čifnat and Kristofor Coves boasts an enchanting turquoise colour. Between the latter two coves, arguably the most beautiful on the entire island, Kristofor is recommended for those who prefer more secluded areas and is easily recognisable for the lighthouse at the entrance. The best shelter on said peninsula is St. Mary’s Cove, as evidenced by the stone mooring bollards pawl bitt carved out by crews serving aboard old sailboats and waiting for the wind in the Senj Gate to abate.


The northwest part of the island is a paradise for children and sand lovers, with the peninsula that separates the Kampor and Supetar Coves as its most indented and attractive part.

The islets and turquoise lagoons are just a drop in the ocean of beauty provided by this part of Rab.

Boaters sailing here are advised to be cautious only during northwest and north winds. Another ACI marina on Rab is located here – the Supetar Cove, which is distinguished by its family-friendly environment atmosphere and fishing environment, while also offering a safe haven for boaters during bora winds.

Aleksandar Gospić

We will end this story with the finest of sands as well as treacherous shoals, which are typical of the northern coves of the Lopar Peninsula and Crnika Cove. The latter is known as Rajska (Paradise) and is the longest and most popular sandy beach on the island of Rab.

It was primarily formed by waves coming from the east and northeast, so during those winds you should probably look for your maritime paradise in a different corner of this island with many faces.