Sea adventures for the youngest

Sea adventures for the youngest

An unforgettable sailing vacation with happy children

Sailing the most beautiful sea in the world with your children Sounds attractive? Family sailing on the Adriatic is a dream vacation for every boater. There is almost no other summer activity, which is a fun and learning experience and at the same time an adventure filled with laughter, as sailing on a boat. The deck is a great place to learn new skills such as the types of rope and knots, the names of winds or beautiful Croatian islands and making new friends while moored or docked in a port. Parents should remember some practical advice when planning a sea adventure. And then onto great fun and a vacation to remember.


The most experienced boaters know that planning is the basis of successful sailing. Ports of entry and bays for anchoring are planned ahead, the boat kitchen is stocked and a list of all things necessary when staying on the open sea is drawn up. Sailing with children requires you to think of all the possible and impossible situations, which can happen at sea. If you are planning to bring children on board for the first time, it is better to start step by step. This means that it is best to start with a daylong or two day long trip so that your children can get used to limited space on board, as well as the basics of movement and behaviour on a boat, and you will see how well they deal with the sea and waves.


A seven day journey is too much to start with because you cannot be sure whether or not your child will be seasick. Also, you should rent a skipper if your sailing skills are not up to the task. Lack of knowledge can ruin your vacation. You should be especially careful about your children’s safety. To begin with, it is necessary to warn them of all the dangerous items on board such as the rope and anchor and to show them how to move on deck. It would be desirable that your boat, or the rented one, has an additional safety net on the railing, as well as that the children wear a life belt. No matter how well they swim, you will have peace of mind, and they will be safe. Keep in mind that proper sunscreen is also important because children’s skin is much more sensitive, and make sure to bring lots of fresh fruit because the body dehydrates more quickly when exposed to a combination of wind, sun and salt.

Then chose a route for your journey. Croatia is a great destination for boaters because the islands are so close to each other that you can change your destination daily. Take care of your children and find something for them to do such as a knot tying competition, guessing the cardinal directions, islands or discovering sea animals. Sailing is an active sport in which the children can learn a lot about the important things in life such as teamwork, decision making or accepting responsibility, while they are developing a respect for the sea and nature.

Aleksandar Gospić

While sailing, be aware that certain things can bore children quickly so it is advisable to choose shorter routes, as well as port and mooring spots where they can enjoy playing, swimming, diving and other summer activities. Your little sea captains will always remember these experiences.

Boris Kačan

Set off on your first family voyage. The Croatian sea will welcome you with the greatest hospitality.