Kaprije – a secluded slice of heaven

Kaprije – a secluded slice of heaven

Kaprije is an island in the middle of the Šibenik archipelago. It is a must-visit destination for boaters sailing in nearby waters as well as a frequent choice and the perfect stop for those sailing between Split and Kornati. It was named after the caper bush, a Mediterranean plant with edible fruits and buds which are used to decorate plates.


As the shy flower bud of the Adriatic, Kaprije will enhance your sailing in the same way, especially if you are looking for peace and quiet, which are getting harder to come by, but are practically handed to you here. You see, there are no cars on this small island and the only time you will notice something even remotely resembling a hubbub is during the summer months in Kaprije – the only settlement on the island.


This pearl of an island in the Šibenik archipelago is completely riddled with tiny paths trodden by the locals so that they could reach their farms more easily, since Kaprije is primarily an island of farmers, where fishing is inevitable (there is always fish to spare during fair weather). This indented island was not inhabited until the 15th century and experienced a surge in settlers in the following century. At the time, Kaprije was an oasis providing salvation to the people of Šibenik, who had sought shelter from Ottoman incursions.

Ivo Pervan

Not much has changed since then – there is only a single settlement on Kaprije along with a few coves, which only have people during the summer.

A nautical paradise where you will feel right at home

Kaprije harbour, which is situated in the north-western part of the island, provides the best shelter. This deeply indented cove, which is also known as St. Peter’s Harbour, is an excellent shelter from all winds, except the mistral and tramontane, but is not well-suited for mooring during summer storms. Boaters can moor at the main pier providing berths for around 20 boats, while the same number of vessels can be moored to buoys anchored at the bottom of this rather popular cove.


Boaters will find everything they need in Kaprije; an outpatient clinic, post office, cash machine, modestly stocked shops and a few restaurants. The local taverns exude hospitality, a quality which is prevalent in the entire Šibenik region, while standout culinary specialities of the island include a variety of multi-coloured risotto and whitefish.


The most beautiful part of the village is located atop a hill dotted with old and mostly renovated houses that are full of life. The local church is also situated there and is named after St. Peter, the patron saint of Kaprije. Fitness enthusiasts could very well be interested in the 45-minute climb to the island’s summit called “Gigina glavica” (Giga’s Head) by the locals. At 129 m above sea level, the view of Kaprije and the motley archipelago comprising nearby islands as well as that of the striking slopes of Mount Dinara is rewarding in many ways. During hot days, when the sun goes down, you can take a stroll to the east shores of the island or one of the nearby coves.


Boaters looking for solitude and a way to attune to the natural vibration of silence in Kaprije, only have to choose a spot on the island to lower their anchor. Remetić Cove is situated in the northwest part of the island, opposite of the Medoš Cove, while the south shores are adorned with Mala and Velika Nozdra coves. Buoys are anchored in all these uninhabited coves and boaters frequently visit the restaurants located in the two most attractive ones – Medoš and Mala Nozdra – which can only be accessed by sea.


Since the aforementioned coves are not sheltered from south winds, the safest option during sirocco is to seek shelter in Vanjska Cove, which provides mooring spots.

Ivo Pervan

Now, depending on the weather conditions and the mood of the crew members, you can find your very own slice of heaven in Kaprije.