Blue Cave – the realm of the Mediterranean monk seal

Blue Cave – the realm of the Mediterranean monk seal

The island of Biševo is located four nautical miles away from Komiža, in the open sea. The Blue Cave, one of the nautical symbols of the Adriatic, has really put this island on the map and it now enjoys the status of a nautical superstar. An organised visit using licensed boats can be arranged only from the neighbouring cove called Mezoporat, where boaters can tie their boat at the promenade or a buoy, or set an anchor.


The cave can be visited only during fair weather, as even the slightest waves created by the southerly winds block the entrance. The colours of the cave are most intense in the middle of the day; but bear in mind that there are many others waiting for their turn to experience the hypnotising blue surroundings inside it at this hour.

There is another cave on the south side of the island, called Monk Seal’s Cave (Medvidina špilja), offering a much more intimate experience, which is probably why monk seals used it as shelter in the past. The deep and dark cave that becomes narrower the deeper you venture ends with a beach made of beautiful pebbles, and is definitely worth a visit, but make sure you bring a flashlight.

Aleksandar Gospić

The former main port, Porat, represents the third side of the island. The turquoise sea, the sandy beach under the shade of pine trees – which some list among the top seven most beautiful in the world – and local taverns (konobe), where you can try some of the best squid the Adriatic has to offer, will surely be worth all the nautical miles needed to reach it.