An umbrella - the best friend a boater can have

An umbrella - the best friend a boater can have

It is well known that, when climbing the Himalayas, most renowned alpinists carry an umbrella with them. At the base of a high mountain you don’t need heavy rainproof clothes if you walk with an umbrella. The same goes for the sea. Protection from the elements, namely wind and water, is especially important on a boat.


In addition to an assortment of swimwear and sunscreen, technical literature and an interesting book to read, as well as equipment for the hobby you will finally find time for, every boater should add clothes that protect from poor weather conditions to the list of sailing equipment. Sailing without protective clothes is truly unpleasant, but if you are cruising the land while your boat is docked, you might want to add an umbrella to your equipment.


You must be wondering what the umbrella is for, when you will only be sailing in good weather. The answer is simple, even when the forecast is promising you might run into an occasional summer shower in the afternoon, so you will be glad you brought an umbrella with you on the boat. An even better answer is that, if you run into unstable weather on the sea, you will probably be forced to spend some time docked in a safe harbour, so this simple addition will surely come in handy. The best answer is that you can extend the sailing season past summer. You will experience a different Croatia, without the crowds usually found on the coast and islands during the summer season. If you choose the warm autumn season, the sea temperatures in the autumn will not differ greatly from the summer ones, and you will enjoy long and sunny days on the sea, which are impossible to experience throughout the rest of the year. In this case an umbrella will become your friend in another sense.

Ivo Biočina

If you decide to extend the time spent enjoying the sea, and accept the weather conditions whatever they may be, you will discover the beauty of sailing without rose-coloured glasses, and having an umbrella with you on the boat will become a symbol of freedom, a feeling you can definitely experience at sea. Hopefully while sailing along the Croatian coast.