Slavonia tastes like tradition, like the shepherd’s stew Čobanac, fish stew soup with hot red pepper Fiš Paprikaš, ham, Kulen sausage and Kulenova Seka sausage, salenjaci made in a traditional way from pork fat, savijača pastries filled with apples and walnuts or tasty Poderane Gaće, literally meaning "ripped underpants", a funny name for a dish that will definitely put you in a good mood. Tasty flavours that combine perfectly with its quality wines such as Iločki Traminac, Kutjevački Riesling and Graševina.

Land of abundance, hospitality and happy people

Through history Slavonia’s mission has been to feed Croatia. The fertile Pannonian plain has unique agricultural potentials which have attracted civilisation since prehistoric times. The great yield of the land has brought wealth, the wealth has developed culture, in the setting of high culture gastronomy has been blooming for thousands of years.


The powerful influences from the east and west have been resolved by conflicts on the battlefields, but by coexistence in the kitchen. The combination of Austro-Hungarian, oriental and indigenous Croatia gastronomic ideas in the surroundings of strong agriculture has created the distinctive Slavonian cuisine based on superb foodstuffs. Along with all the influences which can be quite precisely determined historically, the dietary patterns have left strong traces even from nomadic times and the great migrations of peoples.


Cooking outside, under a clear sky, is still the favourite way of Slavonian cuisine which is filled with passion, emotion and a great amount of nostalgia. Gathering around a fire with small caldrons, barbeques and spit roasts, with horses and carriages, on the banks of the Drava and Danube, on the marshes of Baranja, with violins and tamburitzas, is an event of unusual strength.


The most famous Slavonian culinary stars are without exception the masters of food cooked in small cauldrons: spicy fish and meat paprika stew, spit roasts, of all sizes, from small forks for grilling carp, to those majestic ones on which oxen turn overnight. Slavonia is a land of abundance and hospitality, meals are cooked for ten or even more people: Slavonians are happy and sociable people, and so is their food.



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