You will not find such large and tasty shrimps in the whole Adriatic Sea as those from Kvarner. That being said, the tender lamb with sheep cheese is the most famous product from the region. The renowned Vrbnička Žlahtina white wine from Vrbnik, Trojšćina wine from the island of Susak, the chestnuts from Lovran and the exquisite Rab cake are waiting for you. When are you coming? 

The place of the best Adriatic scampi

Kvarner offers the most diverse pleasures to the curious gourmet. From Učka it is the extension of Istria towards Dalmatia. Croatia’s largest islands (Cres and Krk) are part of this cluster, and then the mountain massifs of Gorski Kotar and Lika. Top quality fish, crabs and other seafood at the markets find themselves alongside forest produce: mushrooms, forest fruits, wild game and in the finale some of the best cheeses in Croatia, made from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk from mountain, coastal and island pastures. And these are just some of the key attractions which must also include snails, frogs, honey and for many the greatest ace of Croatian gastronomy – lamb in all its many variations – from Pag, Cres, Krk, Rab, Lika and so on.


In this cluster are caught and prepared the Adriatic's best scampi, which have received every possible compliment, including one that says there are none better in the world!


It is logical therefore that with such foods, right here in the Kvarner cluster, Croatian modern gastronomy came into being in the second half of the last century. Today several leading Croatian restaurants are found in this region, which are highlighted in the world’s most reputable guides. Croatia’s best chefs work in these restaurants, and the most highly regarded Croatian sommeliers lead them.



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